Thursday, January 22, 2009

Victoria Del Rosal is #1 Muy Caliente Latina!

Victoria Del Rosal with Crazy Inflated Monkey
(Fast woman/crazy monkey - Victoria gives me a ride home in her Nissan)

Sexy nude pics at Mr. Skin!

Victoria Del Rosal is #1 on "Crazy Monkey's Top 10 Muy Caliente Latinas" list. Miss Del Rosal just edges out Eva Mendes who was #1 on the Top 99 Women of 2009. While Eva is definitely a hot Latina, Victoria has a special place with this crazy monkey due to her many talents. In case you've never heard of Miss Victoria Del Rosal she currently is a host on SLTV (Shop Latino TV), and is also a bikini car model. So basically she sells stuff, speaks Spanish, models and looks caliente doing it all! And nothing's sexier than a woman who's able to gain my interest in trendy "as seen on TV" products like: the "Air Climber", "Shape Changer Bra" and "Biolustre" hair care!

Note to SLTV Web crew: Victoria Del Rosal is missing from the SLTV Celebrities page!

(PS: Victoria when you read this, accept my humble Facebook friend request already since we did the photo shoot and all that other fun stuff! ;)

victoria del rosal crazy monkey driver

Check out Victoria Del Rosal's hot Nissan photo shoot out here.

Here's the rest of the "Crazy Monkey's Top 10 Muy Caliente Latinas List":

10)Shakira - Hips don't lie, nor does the rest of her! :)
9) Paula Rubio - Looked caliente on MTV Cribs, so Paula Y Yo Sigo AquĆ­!
8) Jennifer Lopez - Loved her for the longest time, til she got with Diddy, Affleck & Marc Antony!
7) Penelope Cruz - The kind of Latina who isn't afraid to help with the Blow.
6) Selma Hayek - Ay Yi Yi, Selma's very Spanish fly!
5) Dania Ramirez - Sexy NBC Heroes star who has the power to give off heatwaves and melt men in their tracks.
4) Constance Marie - Everybody loves Angie Lopez!
3) Eve Torres - Professional WWE Diva..No that's not an oxymoron!
2) Eva Mendes - Drop dead gorgeous star of the Spirit & The Women (for women).
1) Victoria Del Rosal - SLTV super hot hostess who slices, dices and sells Shape Changer Bras.

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