Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audra is Hot from P90X Ab Ripper X & Yoga!

Hello crazy monkeys, it's been a while!  That's because I've been busy doing the P90X workout DVD's for a few months now.  Notice I said "doing," so that doesn't mean working out!  However, that's not the point here, it's to share with you Audra, hot P90X Ab Ripper X chiquita!

Have you noticed Audra before?  How can't you?!  She's the hot chick on the P90X workout Ab Ripper X and Yoga workouts.  Wow, that is one cute and sexy chiquita huh?  She certainly has her flexibility down in the Yoga poses.  Her ab workouts are done very well too.  Tony Horton really doesn't have to correct her form, but he goes to check on her every so often.  I would too if I were running that silly little show!

Of course watching the hot Audra (I don't know her last name) working out is a tough routine as it is.  If I were actually doing the exercises it might be tougher for this crazy monkey.  However, simply lifting my remote and hitting pause every now and then isn't as strenuous as I thought!  Audra is so motivating!

So I just wanted to share a few screenshots of the sexy Audra from P90X Ab Ripper X here.  Hope all you crazies enjoy!  Feel free to tell me in the comments below, do you prefer Audra, Shawna, Dreya, Sophia, or one of the other P90X workout babes more?  Thanks and hope you're all doing well!

She certainly has some impressive form!  Audra is an inspiration to all of us who aspire to workout some day so we can look good for good looking chiquitas!

By the way, it looks like this might be Audra's fitness test before and after results here.  She certainly has come a long way doing this workout, maybe I need to give it a try!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Corona Commercial Girl in Black Bikini & Business Suit

Hey crazy monkeys, I'm back again!  I dunno if you've seen it, but I recently caught one crazy, sexy Corona commercial this 2011!  It features a hot latina girl in a business suit which transforms into a black bikini after she gets a Corona Extra beer!  Here's a closer, detailed look at what I'm talking about, or you can scroll down to the YouTube video to watch it!

As you can see above, the camera gives us a glimpse of her booty and it certainly is ample!  So now people are wondering who is the sexy Corona commercial girl with the business suit and black bikini?  After hanging out on my favorite video site, YouTube, I found all the answers we need!

The commercial is called the Corona "Extra Commuters" commercial and the hot chiquita is named Diana Garcia.  Basically the idea is that having a Corona beer after rwork will transport you to a relaxing beach scene where you can enjoy the sun and waves.  You can watch it below to see what I'm talking about.  It seems nobody cares too much about the other people in the ad, which might be true.  I'd party with them all, but I can see just myself, a crazy monkey enjoying that bucket of Corona Extras on a beach with Diana Garcia in her black bikini.  Party on folks!

Diana's on Twitter here if you wanna stalk her follow her tweet updates!

Enjoy the Corona "Extra Commuters" ad below featuring Diana Garcia, her booty, and some other people hanging out at the beach!

What do you think of Diana and the Corona 2011 commercial?  Prefer the business suit or black bikini look on her?  Feel free to comment below about your thoughts on these important matters! :)

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