Saturday, October 03, 2009

Yuliana Peniche Calzones Caliente

yuliana peniche
(Muy caliente Yuliana Peniche!)

Well folks I'm pleased to announced that the family who lets this crazy monkey live with them just got their DISH Satellite TV upgraded from basic to the next level! That's silver plus level with all sorts of cool new channels including SIRIUS Satellite radio music stations, FX, Lifetime Movie Network (not my favorite), MSNBC, The Speed Channel, ESPN U, a buncha sports channels, and my personal favorites...3 new Spanish Channels including UNIVISION! In case you didn't know, I'm a personal fan of the Latina ladies porque eres my caliente ;) (Pardon my Spanish, it's been a while!)

Anyways, since we get these three new Spanish channels, it allows me to brush up on my Spanish (and watch the hot chicas). I was browsing through and caught this show this morning called "Bajo el mismo techo". It's about a familia (family) and some other stuff, and it was made in 2005. The one chica in the show really caught my eye, and come to find out she's a mega-star or at least searched for a lot here on the interweb world wide net! Her name, Yuliana Peniche, apparently many searches are caliente por Yuliana Peniche calzones!

Yuliana's a 28 year old babe born in Mexico City with some great legs and cute personality! In the video above you'll see why they love Yuliana Peniche calzones, as she is taught some "dance" by a Spanish guy who looks like he's giving her a modified Heimlich maneuver. She's not choking, and he's surely enjoying himself! Enjoy the video from a show called "Se Vale", it looks like from further review of YouTube videos of the TV series, it involves a lot of guys getting to handle Yuliana, toss her around or put her in various positions for dance moves which seem to lead to her showing upskirts or calzones...The Spanish Channels rock!

....and don't worry Victoria Del Rosal, monkey still luvs ya as my muy #1 caliente chica!

yuliana peniche se vale

This babe's also been on some show called "Platanito Show" which features a bunch of clowns clowning around. You can also see Yuliana Peniche acting in a more serious film role in Destilando Amor a romance movie where she plays "Margarita". Call me baby, I'll be your inflated lover in the sequel!

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